God The One Who Knows My Heart (David)


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Lesson text for the six lessons about David in God: The One Who Knows My Heart.
Lesson 1 – The Heart that Follows God (Saul is given the kingdom) (Memory verse Psalm 119:9)
Lesson 2 – A Heart after God (David is annointed king) (Memory verse Psalm 119:10)
Lesson 3 – The Heart Bold for God’s Glory (David and Goliath) (Memory verse Psalm 119:10)
Lesson 4 – The Heart that Trusts God’s Plan (David and Jonathan; David sparing Saul’s life) (Memory verse Psalm 119:11)
Lesson 5 – God’s Heart of Kindness (David is made king; Mephibosheth) (Memory verse Psalm 119:11)
Lesson 6 – A Heart for God–The Rest of the Story (a look at the second half of David’s life; Solomon building the
Temple) (Memory verse Psalm 119:9-11)

Text includes a master planning chart, schedule, lesson overview and outline, detailed story line, review questions, memory verse teaching and more!

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