7 Most Important Things


‘7 Most Important Things’ Song Visual

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Kids will enjoy clapping, stomping and shouting as they sing this visualized song about the seven most important things in the world: 1. God loves me! 2. Jesus never sinned! 3. I have sinned! 4. Jesus died for me! 5. Now Jesus lives! 6. I put my faith in Christ! 7. I can live for Him!

Lyrics to this visualized song are:

(Verse one) God loves me I know He does (Repeat 2x.)

(Chorus: Sing after every verse.) I clap it with my hands! I stomp it with my feet! I put my faith in Christ. He came into my heart. ’cause the Bible tells me so.

(Verse 2) Jesus never sinned, but I have. (Repeat 2x.)

(Verse 3) Jesus died for me and now He lives. (Repeat 2x.)

(Verse 4) I can live for Him. Oh yes I can! (Repeat 2x.)